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Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease, which happens due to bacterial infection in the urethra or the cervix. It is caused by a bacterium called gonococcal. This disease can also affect certain other areas of the body including eyes, anus and the throat. Before the invention of simple methods of diagnosing this disease, a patient had to go through several examinations including one for the pelvic. However, today this disease can be diagnosed by a simple urine test. Urine testing is the simplest of all the methods to test a patient for presence for this disease.

How Does The Urine Test Work:

The urine test is done to identify a special type of bacteria in the patient’s urine. A sample of patient’s urine is taken and is put on agar slide. This plate is then incubated at normal body temperature. The presence of microorganisms in the patient’s urine is identified by their growth, which takes place on the plate in the form of colonies. The color, size and shape of these bacteria help the tester in identifying their type. Each kind of bacteria develops their own separate colony and hence the total number of bacteria present in a patient’s urine can be known by counting the number of colonies.

Hiring An Online Gonorrhea Testing Service

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find gonorrhea test centers in a nearby location. At such times, the internet can be a quick solution to find the nearby center. There are certain online gonorrhea test centers that can be contacted via email or phone. The patient just has to provide a sample of their urine to the testing laboratory. The sample can be sent by mail or can be dropped at their preferred location.

For obtaining accurate results in the first test, it is important that the sample provided by the patient is collected carefully. The area near the part or the tract may be dirty and hence there are chances that the bacteria that grew outside of the tract may also get included in the sample. Thus, it is important that the patient collects the sample after cleaning oneself properly.

Different Packages By Online Agencies:

The agencies that provide online testing support for STDs offer various packages. A patient can select a particular package depending on his or her need. There are certain packages that contain testing for a group of diseases like HIV, Herpes 2, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Other package may include tests for Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Herpes 1, Herpes 2, Gonorrhea, HIV and Chlamydia.

Advantages of Confidential Gonorrhea Testing Online:

  • You can take the appointment online, which is approved at the time you place an order for the test.
  • You can get the results in three business days or less.
  • You can also find their nearest centers in case you want to visit any one of them.
  • The tests are affordable and are done by means of sophisticated equipment in the hospitals.
  • The confidentiality of reports is maintained.
  • Gonorrhea can become a serious concern and immediate action shall be taken to avoid further complications.

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